Agriculture Translations into Russian and Ukrainian

Peculiarities of Agriculture

Agriculture is the process of producing food, feed, fiber and many other desired products by the cultivation of certain plants and the raising of domesticated animals. Of course, our connection to agriculture is evident every time we buy a loaf of bread, pick an apple or a slice of pizza. In fact, the practice of agriculture is also known as “farming”, while scientists, inventors and others devoted to improving farming methods and implements are also said to be engaged in agriculture. Actually Catalex-Translation team members has done a ton of Agriculture Translations into Russian and Ukrainian.

Without any doubt, people all over the world must farm. Of course, certain parts of the world are used for growing certain crops or raising certain animals. For instance, tropical countries grow such products like pineapple, sugarcane, banana and mango. South America countries is known for raising beef cattle. America and Ukraine produce vast amounts of wheat and grain. Asia is suited for growing rice.

The Need for Translation Services in Agriculture

Without any doubt, people of different countries need communicate with each other concerning their main agricultural trends and knowledge. That is why professional translators in agricultural field are in extreme need. In other words, they are to provide Russian and Ukrainian people with best knowledge and solutions. Consequently, they will bring home useful tips and technology processes of foreign countries.

To translate agricultural texts the translators should have certain professional qualities. Firstly, they must understand the processes and main ideas behind agricultural concept. Of course, they should be acquainted with the agricultural technology and the machines used on the fields and on farms to make the day to day operations easier and more profitable. Secondly, they should know the principles of plant growing, cattle breeding, farming and science behind these principles. Moreover, sometimes agricultural translations are connected with veterinary and pet care translations that happen to be

Certainly, our translators are experts in the field of agriculture. Actually, they have been translating agricultural texts from English into Russian and Ukrainian for more than ten years. As a result, their competency in this world is undeniable. Above all, agriculture translations into Russian and Ukrainian is one of our main services that we provide to our clients.

To sum up, Agriculture, Agronomy and Crop Science, being international areas of knowledge, need an army of translators to serve the noble functions of cultivating the soil, producing crops, raising livestock on the global scale.

What documents can our team translate?

The information, manuals and marketing materials on farm machinery, agriculture equipment and implements (automatic feeding, automated milking systems), including the following:

  • Materials on biotechnology and science
  • Soil science and crop science
  • Growth Plans
  • Strategies for Sustainability
  • Farmland Protection Plans
  • Lab Reports on Seed and Animal Breeding
  • Farmland Protection Surveys
  • Farmland Enhancement Plans
  • Food Science Texts
  • Irrigation and Drainage Information and Reports
  • Instructions on climate control
  • Farm Management Information
  • Agricultural Economics Articles, Economic Development Plans
  • Rural Development Plans
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Natural Resources and Biodiversity Information
  • Educational Materials Concerning Growing technology
  • Apps and Programs in Agricultural Industry
  • Meat Industry Documents
  • Agrotourism Information
  • Law Documents on Agriculture: Application Forms, Agriculture Lease Agreements, Agricultural Policy Statements, Farm Law Documents.

Our rates for Agriculture Translations into Russian or Ukrainian:

0.08 USD per source word of any document

0.07 USDĀ per source word if there are more than 5,000 words for translation

0.06 USD per source word if there are more than 10,000 words for translation

The cost for Agriculture translations into Russian or Ukrainian includes the following

  1. Free quote and consulting
  2. Dedicated project manager
  3. Translation, editing and proofreading
  4. Final proofreading of a published material


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