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The world of art translation can often be highly complex. Firstly, it draws on any number of other fields and disciplines. They are history, philosophy, politics, literature, economics and even medicine. Certainly, many different text types also require translators to be flexible and conversant with stylistic norms in each area. Moreover, they also should be aware of the expectations of different types of audiences.

A different reality

Arts are enchanting fields of study that encompass many different disciplines and methodological approaches. The study of art also transverses languages. This is a reality that necessitates that professional art historians have a working knowledge of several second languages. Art highly stresses the study of foreign languages and the use of these languages. Nevertheless, it is conceivable that specialists and experts in this field need to rely on translation services. These services provide translations of primary and secondary source research materials. They alow provide translations of complete monographs, conference proceedings, and other scholarly literature for further dissemination.

Deep into history

Art often requires plunging deep into a reverse chronology in search for information about a certain artist. A simple inquiry into the primary sketches for a painting or the exact date of death for a well-known sculptor may open up an entire pantheon of characters and a veritable atlas of places. Primary sources are often consulted no matter how extensively these documents may have been previously translated and re-published. A great many secondary sources are also needed. The bulk of them—especially in the case of European and ancient art—may be in a language other than English.

Translator’s role

The role of the translator can be multiform: facilitating either the outright translation of a document into a language understood by specialists or perhaps consulting on the best approach to translating documents. The scholar, though well versed in a language, may not be well-prepared to write a consummate and easily understood translation in that language without outside involvement.

A key point to remember

A key point to remember about art is that expertise in this field is multidisciplinary. It may involve literary history, biographical studies, anthropology, archeology, and many other divisions of the humanities and social sciences. Art history is much more than simply examining, understanding, and writing about a painting. The demands of the work of the historian directly influence the intricacy of the work of the translator. The keener translators will recognize just how elaborate the whole translation process is and how different such work is from, say, translating a product brochure, contract, or other contemporary commercial text.

Offering services by a translator

Books on specific paintings, artists, buildings, or genre are often written by scholars working in the nations where such works/artists/traditions have been produced or established themselves. The author of the monograph may or may not have a decent knowledge of the language to which his/her work shall be translated. It is here that a professional, competent translator offers his/her services.

What success requires

The successful translation of documents for art relies on the willingness of the translator to understand the unique nature of the disciplines at hand. These are people concerned with a past represented in visual works. Their concern also stretches far into the unseen struggles and triumphs and often the mundane work that collectively becomes the production of great works of art. The way that historical research builds upon previous efforts should assist the translator in preparing valuable translations for scholarship.

Precision and accuracy

Certainly, the translator who is presented the rare opportunity to translate an entire monograph should realize that he or she is in the midst of creating something of lasting aesthetic and informational import. Moreover, the project should be treated in a way that is not only technically accurate in terms of the representation of jargon and syntax. But it also should be regarded as something that is resounding in its testament to a given work of art, or a particular artist. After all, translators who undertake the mission of understanding art will find that they are guests in a very exciting and beautiful world.

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