Psychology and Self-Development Translations

Psychology as a Science and as a Discipline

Psychology as a science of behavior and mind, as well as conscious and unconscious phenomena, feelings and thoughts has now grown to be a vast area of knowledge. Being an academic discipline, it deals with understanding of brain properties. Being a social science, it deals with researching the general principles of behavior of individuals and groups of individuals. So does this psychology domain need translations into Russian and Ukrainian or other language services?

Need for Translations in Psycological Domain

As the majority of information in psychology is created in English, very often there is a need to translate certain information into other languages. Catalex-translations is a tight team of translators having experience in psychology translations From English into Russian and Ukrainian. For instance, our members have been in contact with Ukrainian and Russian psychologists translating conference materials, books, scientific articles and any other materials for them. They have also translated video courses on self-development and psychology.

Psycological Topics Covered by our Team

What are the topics covered by our translators in the course of their careers? They had opportunity to work with information on psychology of personality which mainly deals with patterns of behavior, thought and emotion in individuals. Another branch is the psychology of unconscious mind. We have also dealt with such sectors as motivations and behaviors.

Our translators are not only professionals in psychology translations from English into Russian and Ukrainian. They are also keen on this scientific discipline and are always happy to read another book on psychology or self-development.

Terminology in Psycology Translations

As far as the terminology is concerned, members of our team doing psychology and self-development translations into Russian and Ukrainian use the terminological databases and various paper references in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. They know what is happening in the field of modern psychology. This means that they know the context which is of utmost importance considering the complexity of theories and flexibility of practical methods.

Target Audience

Moreover, it is always very important for us to know, who will read the target translated text. Is it for a scientist or for ordinary people? Maybe, the text is intended for a student, a teacher or for parents.

We know the audience here in Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, we can translate the text in such a way that it will sound as a original, but not translated text. How to do this? You have not only to be a good translator. You have to be fond of the area you are translating in.

Our Professional Russian and Ukrainian Translators

When we were working on creating our team, we chose the most interesting subjects in which we have professional knowledge and understanding. Consequently, we can say for sure that we are professionals when it comes to psychology translation into Russian and Ukrainian.

Tens of years of experience have given us the necessary information to develop an outstanding quality control system. Besides using CAT tools that provide consistency and quality throughout the text, we have the target document revisioned and corrected by another member of our team.

What does our team translate in the field of psychology:

  • Scientific articles
  • Research documents, researches and studies
  • Educational materials, training guides
  • Conference information
  • Testing materials
  • Tips, fact sheets and brochures
  • Magazines and books on psychology


Self-development as a psychological discipline

Some people see psychology as a home to self-development. But for others self-development is only a branch of psychology. However, there are those who don’t consider this area as scientific and look for other foundations for their activity.

For our team self-development is the motto of our existence in the natural world and within society. Our goal is to gradually become better from day to day. To work further in order to get to know new information. In addition, to specialize ourselves in new fields and to always work on our goal to be better individuals.

Self-development is moving towards new goals and this movement should be continuous for those who want to live in a better world.

Needless to say that our team is happy when we get an order on psychology or self-development translations from English into Russian and Ukrainian. Certainly, this subject is of immense interest to us and to many people in our countries. Actually, this is the information that our Eastern European societies lack and this is another reason to love our job.

Materials on Self-Development, Translated by our Team

Among the materials on self-development translated by our team we would like to mention the following:

  • Mentoring, coaching and training materials
  • Articles and books on self-development
  • Blogs, vlogs and podcasts on self-development
  • Brochures and seminar materials

Have your psychology translations from English into Russian and Ukrainian done by Catalex team within reasonable timeframes and for a reasonable price. Finally, make it possible for the people of Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe to get better and be positive.

Why Us?

With us you can cut down expenses as you can hire us directly without any need for agents or third parties like LSPs (Language Service Providers) of Translation Agencies. In fact, we do the same services for them too but you will pay to them from 30% to 50% more because there are project managers, executive managers and directors. On the other hand, we are just a team without any third parties and it would be much easier to clarify any issues and to get things straight working this way. This way we can minimize any misinterpretation and you can save funds.

Our rates for Psychology and Self-Development Translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian are the following:

0.08 USD per source word of any document

0.07 USD per source word if there are more than 5,000 words for translation

0.06 USD per source word if there are more than 10,000 words for translation


The cost for Psychology and Self-Development Translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian includes the following

  1. Free quote and consulting
  2. Dedicated project manager
  3. Translation, editing and proofreading
  4. Final proofreading of a published material


Write us today and get a free quote for English into Russian translation of Psychology and Self-Development texts and send us the files needed to translate. Our specialists will make assessment of your files and reply to you within 1-2 business hours with an offer.

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