Medical Ukrainian and Russian Translation

Growing demand for professional medical translation

In today’s globalized world the demand for professional medical translation services is rapidly growing. Whether you are localizing documentation to accompany your products, translating such types of medical documents as patient data, clinical reports, medical examination reports and medical textbooks or preparing clinical research reports for publication, our experts are here to serve your needs with translating from English into Russian/Ukrainian.


Reasons for growing demand for translations from English into Russian/Ukrainian and vice versa

Nowadays people choose to undertake in-patient and out-patient medical and preventive treatments overseas, due to the better quality of medical care in different countries; doctors may opt to prescribe medications produced by foreign pharmaceutical companies, because there are no analogue in the domestic market; and medical offices and hospitals import medical devices and equipment, because they are offered at more competitive prices by foreign manufacturers. Also, young people are motivated to continue medical education abroad to enhance professional and academic experience. Scientists are frequently invited to participate in international conferences, clinical research studies and trials to share knowledge and practical skills with the foreign colleagues. As a result, translation of medical documents has grown to be an essential link in communication between clinics, specialists and patients, scientists and their partners overseas, students and foreign educational institutions.


Medical document translation

Catalex makes every effort to provide precise, culturally accurate, well-composed medical translation from/to Russian/Ukrainian of medical documents or texts, including:

The translation of medical and pharmaceutical materials can encompass a number of different areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Medical documents, prescriptions, data sheets, product profiles and reports
  • Patient information & patient recruitment materials and user guides for both staff & patients
  • Medical equipment documents such as instruction manuals or brochures
  • Clinical information on toxicological pharmacological and biological substances
  • Transcriptions of consultations and meetings, quality of life (QoL) measures, case report forms (CRF) and scientific journal articles
  • Labels, package inserts, instructions for use (IFU), equipment and production manuals, manufacturing process descriptions, master batch records and deviation reports
  • Clinical trials & study protocols, physician and patient feedback documents such as questionnaires and responses, incorporating adverse event reporting


Translation in medical industry

Translation in the medical industry is difficult. The field of medicine has its own set of terminology, estimated at being around 20,000 words long. This estimate does not take into account names of illnesses, names of medicines, and the names of different parts of the human anatomy. A translator is expected to know all these, along with their meanings, the verbs to use with specific words, and how to place them in a text to better showcase their implication.

Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge by every member of your translation team. It also requires multiple levels of quality control and a full understanding of stringent regulatory laws. Our team includes linguists versed in most branches of medicine, biochemistry, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology.


What attention is given to

Medical translation requires complete attention to detail, as well as compliance with privacy laws and regulatory guidelines. Catalex translators are not only experts in the techniques of medical interpretation, they are also aware of the cultural pitfalls of communicating in foreign languages about sensitive matters. A combination of personalized attention and a meticulous review process, with several linguists for each document translation, ensures that you receive accurate translations. Every document we translate is guaranteed against errors and omissions.

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