English into Russian and Ukrainian translation Services

Ukrainian and Russian Translation Services

Ukrainian and Russian Translation Services

By this time not a single person has found a perfect definition for a translation from one language into another. The translation process is a complex concept going hundreds and thousands of years back into the history of the humankind. Actually, it exists whenever there are two languages and there is a need to convey the message from one language to another. The translation is an act through which the content of a text is transferred from the source language into the target language (Foster, 1958).

As economics says, when there is demand, there must be supply. As for the translation of the English texts into Russian and Ukrainian, our team has vast potential and abilities to complete the most demanding projects with the best results. The experience, qualifications, and knowledge of our translators make our team one of the best in our niche.

We have been translating from English into Russian and Ukrainian in different domains of knowledge for decades. We provide Ukrainian and Russian translation services to companies and individuals seeking professional translation of their material.

Is It Easy to Be a Translator if you Know the Languages Perfectly?

Very often people who are bilingual or have enough language knowledge state they can provide high-quality translations services. This is totally wrong. To be a translator, you should not only know the languages and speak them but also have the background in the history of the language, in its lexicology, morphology, phonetics and other language aspects. For example, to provide English to Russian and Ukrainian translation services, one should have studied all the mentioned domains of both original and target languages. But that’s not enough.

The translator should certainly know grammar and easily recognize, understand and convey different grammatical constructions from one language into another in order to provide a flawless target text without any mistakes or inconsistencies.

Specialization is a Must

While translators laugh between themselves at those who say that they can translate everything because they know the language quite well, surprisingly to many of those who are not acquainted with the world of translators, even translators can be laughed at when they say they can translate everything.

Actually, translators are like doctors. First, they learn quite the same subjects, but in the end, they choose one or several domains in which they specialize. For they always need context, and context is the background knowledge of the subject. The more you know the domain, the better you translate texts on the subject. This is called the specialization and it matters a lot.

In fact, a good translator is the one who is an expert not only in translation but also in a specific subject. A professional translator who is experienced in medical translations will never agree to do a Forex Translation or a Software Manual Translation if he or she doesn’t know this sphere well.

Our Catalex-Translations Team includes translators with special knowledge in different fields. Together we have built a list of those fields in which our team translates and which are interesting to us as hobbies, interests or areas for professional specialization and development. That is why English to Russian and Ukrainian translation services performed by our team are always of the highest quality.

We are Native Translators

One of the prerequisites for a good translation service is that it should be done into the native language of a translator. This means that if we translate from English into Russian and Ukrainian, we should be Russian and Ukrainian natives. Guess what? We are! We are bilingual Russian and Ukrainian natives born in Ukraine in those times when it was home to two main official languages – Russian and Ukrainian. So, besides translating from English into Russian and Ukrainian, it goes without saying that we can easily translate from Russian into Ukrainian and vice versa.

Why not the Machine Translation

In fact, machine translation is a great opportunity for those who need to get the gist of some unspecialized text. It will also help if you just need to translate several simple phrases. Even in these situations, Machine Translation can lead to awkward results. You should remember that you will not be able to get any benefit from the machine translation if you need more than the gist. One word can have tens of different meanings and machines are still bad at choosing the right one. There are such things as style and creative thinking that can’t be designed well by the machines. Technologies cannot do a translator’s job perfectly so far.

CAT Tools in the translation services

People often think of CAT tools as of “the machine translation” tools, but they are definitely not. They are special instruments that can help our team to deliver Ukrainian and Russian translation services. They allow to ensure the consistency in terminology and shortening the periods needed for the translations to take place. These are generally programs we install on a computer or work on them in the cloud, online.

All these programs perform basically identical functions. We use them to speed up the process and provide consistency. Some clients having large projects maintain their own term bases and translation memories. Those are used by CAT tools and help translators keep the terminology consistency of all the translated texts.

Some clients and translation agencies have developed their own CAT tools. They require their employees, contracted translators and editors to work in their systems. But if a translator has mastered about 5 CAT tools in his or her career, he can surely master another one in the course of several hours.

Our Quality Control Process

All our translations are performed by the certified specialists having experience in a specific domain. The translations are first checked by special quality assurance programs that can spot most typos and issues. If there are some unclear issues, we usually consult our client and check the specialized forums. On those forums, we ask questions and educate ourselves in any issue that arises during the translation process. We also have a network of brilliant advisors in different areas of specialization. They explain most aspects of any unclear part of a translated text to us.

Document checks by special programs are followed by the next stage. An experienced professional editor performs the editing of the translation into Russian or Ukrainian. Following this stage, the edited translation undergoes final proofreading by another Russian or Ukrainian translator.

We need this stage to eliminate the slightest issues not spotted by editors. Typically, there are not many changes to the target text now. Nevertheless, this is a very important step that helps look at the translation from a different point of view. It allows for correcting the stylistic inconsistencies and any subtle mistakes.

This way we ensure the best quality of the English into Ukrainian and Russian translation services delivered by our Team.

Do you need to have your material translated into Russian or Ukrainian by the certified natives experienced in your field?

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Our rates for translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian are the following:

0.08 USD per source word of any document

0.07 USD per source word if there are more than 5,000 words for translation

0.06 USD per source word if there are more than 10,000 words for translation


The cost for translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian includes the following:

  1. Free quote and consulting
  2. Dedicated project manager
  3. Translation, editing, and proofreading
  4. Final proofreading of a published material


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