English, Russian and Ukrainian Transcription Services

English and Russian Transcription Services

What is a Transcription Service?

To begin with, we’ll try to give a definition of transcription services. This means writing down the text heard in an audio or video or writing down a actual speech in a court or at a meeting, for example. Basically, it’s the process of converting speech into text. It’s not very hard to transcribe videos, deliver podcast transcription service or transcribe radio shows. Actually, this is the task that can be done by those people who know only one language. That’s why you don’t have to be a translator in order to deliver transcription services or to state it simply, to transcribe. Catalex-Translations have experienced translators who can provide English, Ukrainian and Russian Transcription Services.

What qualities does a person need to transcribe effectively?

Obviously, one should have perfect listening abilities plus a good knowledge of the language they transcribe in. As sometimes this process is accompanied by creating subtitles, one should also be acquainted with special programs. Their function is to break the sound into time periods and create fields for transcriber to write the text.

But there are situations when you need to transcribe a video with two languages spoken or there are some complications that won’t let a person to transcribe the video well if he or she isn’t a translator or a linguist.

Sometimes transcription is a part of video translation task (namely, subtitle translation) and the person should first transcribe it and then translate.

Our Services

The members of our team are certified experienced translators into Russian and Ukrainian. They have a fair amount of transcription experience and are ready to do this service for you not lnoy in the specified disciplines, but also in any other domain of knowledge.

Please, upload your files and get a free quote for transcription services in Russian, Ukrainian or English languages. Let Catalex-Translations do the job and you will be happy with the result as are all our clients.

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