Platon Danilov: Translation with Reader in Mind

English-Ukrainian English-Russian Translator

Before going into freelance translation, I had an extensive experience in steel industry, working as an export manager at steel mill, as an engineer at construction of a new steel mill and as an international steel conference project manger.

With deep concern for environment, I am passionate about transforming current global economic model by sustainable development solutions and green technologies. My commitment is in providing superior service in everything I do, with a special pursue for environmental translations.

IT and localisation are also within my interests. I have a post-graduate diploma in computer systems, worked in-house as a SEO manager for a year and have completed a number of localisation and IT-translation projects by now.

I like to travel, both within my country and abroad. I get excited with transcreation, for tourism industry in particular.

Continuing Professional Development:
* Sales and Follow Up Techniques / certificate / 2012
* Translation for Environmental Organizations + Terminology / 2 certificates / 2014
* Circular Economy / certificate / 2015
* IELTS Academic / certificate / 2016
* Business Data Analysis / certificate / 2016
* Transcreation as a Specialisation / certificate / 2016
* Translation of Marketing Texts / certificate / 2017

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