Russian and Ukrainian Subtitling Services

Russian and Ukrainian Subtitling Services

What are Subtitiling Services

Subtitling is the process of translating video from one language to another. Subtitling is only a part of process. It can be combined with transcription. Transcription is converting speech into text. Subtitling is translation of the text created in the process of transcription. This is the same with Russian and Ukrainian subtitling services.

Subtitling process

The video files usually come with subtitles created and there is a need to translate those subtitles from English into Russian or Ukrainian. Often video files are not sent but special online platforms are used and the translator gets no files, only working online. The translator just needs a decent internet connection and his experience.

On the other hand, files are sometimes sent by the client and the translator can work and he or she sin’t dependent on the internet connections to do this.

There are many programs that help at every step of a subtitling process.

Can every translator be a subtitler?

Subtitling job is not for every translator. To be a good video translator from one language to another, for example, from English into Russian or Ukrainian, a translator should have exceptional listening skills and be able to get the situation correctly. There are those who try to translate without watching the video, but this is simply ridiculous. One should understand what is going on in the video and try to convey the atmosphere. Sometimes the translation can differ drastically depending of what is going on in the video comparing to word-for-word translation of the text. You also have to be aware of informal and jargon language often used in movies or TV series.

Special Requirements for Subtitling Services

There exist special requirements for subtitling which apply to Russian and Ukrainian subtitling services. Out translators are fully aware of them and are able to fulfill such requirements as the quantity of lines and characters limitations. You can’t use more characters than it’s allowed and usually there are only two lines. So you should be able to include all the information into limited space. Moreover, there are also a whole lot of other requirements and they can be different in any other video.

Translating TV Series

Special knowledge is required when translating TV Series. A translator needs to watch at least several episodes of the series to be acquainted with the plot and characters. There are many aspects to get to to know before actually starting subtitling. You should know the names and relationships between the characters. We provide Russian and Ukrainian Subtitling Services fulfilling all the requirements.

Subtitling by Catalex-Translations

Translators from the Catalex-Translations Team are experienced with different aspects and peculiarities of subtitling services. They do their job accurately and follow all the requirements needed to fulfill a good translation of a video file.

Our lowest price for subtitling is 4 US dollars per minute. Upload you file/files to a file hosting site and send us the link for downloading. You’ll get a quote from us in several hours with our best price and best terms.

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