Russian and Ukrainian Transcreation Services

Ukrainian and Russian Transcreation Services

Russian and Ukrainian Transcreation Services performed by Catalex-Translations

Do you need a creative Russian or Ukrainian translation that adapts a message from your language to another and to the specific culture of the target audience? Catalex-Translations team can provide this service for you. The original intent, style, tone and context will be maintained. Catalex-Translations uses languge in a way to produce the desired emotional response providing Ukrainian and Russian Transcreation Services according to your needs.

When it comes to the translation/localization/transcreation of any kind of marketing material (e.g. collateral, videos, social media (SoMe) content, etc.), we adapt the translation to meet the requirements of the target audience without losing any ideas or messaging from the original content. We always keep time (subtitling/voice over) and/or space limitations (banners, SoMe texts) in mind.

Translation and transcreation are related processes, but they are not identical. Transcreation expands upon translation by focusing not so much on the literal text. It pays attention to discerning the emotional response from the audience in the source language. It’s aimed to get the same response from the audience in the target market.

As differences between cultures are so numerous, eliciting the same emotional reaction may also necessitate changes in the message context.

Our goal in trascreation process is to choose the right words which would be able to reach the target audience. We aim to get the marketing objective of the advertiser or company.

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