Localization Services From English into Russian and Ukrainian

Russian and Ukrainian Localization Services

In short about the Localization

Localization services are often compared to translation ones. This is true, but localization is a little different. Here we’ll try to define the meaning and importance of localization and provide you with information how our team can provide Russian and Ukrainian localization services.

As today’s society is becoming more and more global, more and more companies and businesses face the need to localize their products or services for another audience. Otherwise they may lose in sales and in global presence. For target audience foreign language is a barrier that they can’t overcome in order to buy the product. They simply can’t understand it. To overcome this barrier you surely need to localize your product to another market and make it customized for the consumer removing the cultural blunders on your way.

Localization is a process of adapting the material, be it a text, a website or an app, to local audience so it would look and sound natural and appealing. Localization is a deeper process than a translation as it implies changing date/time formats as well as cultural customization on the original material based on user expectations.

What does you business need?

If you are going to expand your business to Russian or Ukrainian markets, you can’t do without translating or localizing your content for Russian or Ukrainian languages. As Russian is spoken as a mother tongue and as a second language by more than 200 million people and Ukrainian – only by a quarter of this number, you can choose to translate your content only to Russian. This way you can reach your audience in the internet and almost everyone in Ukraine can understand you. But if you would like to enter Ukrainian market with the legal right to be there, you need to localize you content from Engish to Ukrainian, too.

Whether they understand foreign language or not, there is no doubt that customers would rather buy the products presented in their own language. So having your content localized into a new language you can get more out of your customers. The need of localization depends on the products or services you are going to offer to a new audience and to distribute to the local market. You may have an app or a training course to localize, or materials for a new business.

Our capabilities

Catalex-Translations team provides localization services from English into Russian and Ukrainian and can help you company in many ways. First, we are natives certified in translations, that’s why we are able to perform these services. Second, we live in the countries of our native languages so we know the customers and we are the insiders here being able to study each market thoroughly.

If you are planning to enter the Russian or Ukrainian market with your product or services, you should rely on us because we are the ones who can study the local market for your product and provide the best localization services from English into Russian and Ukrainian for a reasonable price.

Although we are a team of only four members, you can’t say that we are a small team. Knowing the local market and being here in the countries of our native languages, we know a fair number of brilliant translators and editors personally and we can handle big projects as well as little or medium ones.

Why Us?

With us you can cut down expenses as you can hire us directly without any need for agents or third parties like LSPs (Language Service Providers) of Translation Agencies. In fact, we do the same services for them too but you will pay to them from 30% to 50% more because there are project managers, executive managers and directors. On the other hand, we are just a team and it would be much easier to clarify any issues and to get things straight then working with a project manager. This way we can minimize any misinterpretation and you can save funds.

If you need localization services from Engish into Russian and Ukrainian, you are welcome to upload your files or write us to info@catalex-translations.com and we’ll come back to you with a free quote and with our offer that you’ll definitely like.


We provide localization services from English into Russian and Ukrainian for the following domains of knowledge:

Yoga and Fitness
Environment and Sustainability
Enginering, IT and Software
Transport and Transportation
Medical and Pharmacy
Agriculture and Agronomy
Travelling and Tourism
Forex and Economics


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