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Editing and Proofreading Services

Catalex-Translations is a team of professional translators with vast experience and profound knowledge in many fields. That is why we can provide high-quality editing services in Russian and Ukrainian. The next stage after the translation should always be editing. Regardless of the translator’s experience and the quality assurance tools used in the translation process, every translation undergoes editing process by a different member of our team. This approach helps our translation looks as if it was written by a native, but not translated.

The importance of editing can’t be exaggerated. This is an opportunity for every member of our team to learn from each other and to effectively communicate with each other during the editing process.

Editing and proofreading cost depends on the complexity and deadlines the documents to be translated into Russian and Ukrainian.

The editing of the translation into Russian and Ukrainian is performed by 2 of our team members who closely cooperate to deliver you a high-quality document.

Please note that we recommend using the proofreading services performed by our team members after English-Russian and English-Ukrainian translation.

Feel free to contact us if you need proofreading services into Russian and Ukrainian.

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