Engineering, IT and Software Translations

Challenges of Engineering Translations

Of course, engineering translations usually feature a lot of technical terminology and complex details that can be understood only by those who involved in that specific sector. So it can often be not easy to find a suitable translator to work on an Engineering, IT and Software Translations into Russian or Ukrainian. Therefore specialists in engineering translation should undergo special training and obtain a great deal of knowledge to be able to read, understand and convey the meaning to their native languages.

Even if you have short document, it may contain highly complex terminology and require the attention of an experienced, accurate translator who is comfortable with translations of advanced technical texts. Cartainly, technical translation is one of the toughest industries: terminology can be rather complex. Therefore, translators need to fully understand the context to be able to clearly communicate engineering concepts and perfectly translate Engineering, IT and Software Translations into Russian or Ukrainian.

Catalex team is fully trained and ready for Engineering Translations

At Catalex Translations we’re happy to work with professional native experts who have real experience, training in the field and Master’s degrees in engineering and technical translations being able to deliver comprehensive results within discussed deadlines.

Of course, we understand the need for technical skills in the translation process. For instance, our translators are trained according to ISO quality standards and are experienced in the development of technical documentation. To clarify, we can help you create, build, translate and maintain your technical documentation and glossaries.

In fact, there are many types of engineering document translations that are possible for any given project, but all of them require specific and sometimes extremely specialized translation skills. However, we can provide any other kind of technical engineering, computer science, or information technology translation you need that falls under the engineering industry. Of course, we understand that your documents are extremely important, as is the accurate translation of anything you submit. We guarantee outstanding results performed by engineering translators into Russian and Ukrainian backed by proofreaders and project supervisors for every document, manual, package or software document for translation that we receive.

The Engineering areas the Catalex-Translations team provides translations in are the following:

  • Software engineering
  • IT engineering
  • Telecommunication engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • High Voltage Systems Engineering
  • Civil  Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Hydro Engineering
  • Mathematics Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy Production and Petroleum Engineering
  • Gas and Oil Systems Engineering

Documents, translated by our team are the following:

  • Field Studies
  • Equipment and Systems Manuals
  • Operation Instructions
  • Processes Descriptions
  • Blueprints/Drawings
  • Bills of Materials


Have an English engineering text to translate into Russian or Ukrainian? Upload it to our site with deadline information and additional conditions and we’ll come back to you with the detailed offering.


Our rates for Engineering, IT and Software Translations into Russian or Ukrainian are the following:

0.08 USD per source word of any document

0.07 USD per source word if there are more than 5,000 words for translation

0.06 USD per source word if there are more than 10,000 words for translation


The cost of Engineering, IT and Software Translations into Russian or Ukrainian includes the following:

  1. Free quote and consulting
  2. Dedicated project manager
  3. Translation, editing and proofreading
  4. Final proofreading of a published material


Write us today and get a free quote for Engineering, IT and Software Translations into Russian or Ukrainian and send us the files needed to translate. Our specialists will make assessment of your files and reply to you within 1-2 business hours with an offer.

Write us the password “FREE TRANSLATION-500” in the commentary and you’ll get the Engineering, IT and Software Translations into Russian or Ukrainian of the first 500 words from English into Russian or Ukrainian for free (if the volume of your original English text for translation is more than 2500 words).


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