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How to translate for travelling and tourism into Ukrainian and Russian

We at Catalex-Translations enjoy travelling. It goes without saying we like to translate for travelling and tourism into Ukrainian and Russian too. We believe, translation and tourism actually go hand in hand. They both are about discovering other places, languages, cultures, and mindsets.

Having our own varied experience ranging from low-cost backpacker trips to five-star hotels and business trips, we can ensure a deep understanding of your client whoever they are as well as the industry.

Basically, tourism is booming in Ukraine, both domestic and international. The tourist visa-free agreement for Ukrainians travelling to EU gave new opportunities not only to tourists but also to their hosts, guides, etc. It means potentially more clients to cafes, restaurants, galleries, shops, transport services, and all who can in any way deal with tourist flows. We translate into Ukrainian also some things that do not directly refer to tourism. Nevertheless, where tourism could be among the drivers of the fact such projects evolved, like strings for Polish ATMs and self-checkouts.

While discovering the world, Ukrainians discover emerging trends in tourism, like apartment rental services, low-cost flights, trip planner apps, etc. They search for a wide range of goods and services while their travel and before it. They write and read feedbacks and blog posts, share their travel stories. The same do the international tourists coming to Ukraine. Inbound tourism in Ukraine seems to be on the rise too. In recent years, some cities like Lviv and Odesa were particularly successful there, other aim to replicate their stories. Biking here is gaining momentum and unlike Europe, it is far more about tourism than sports or transport.

Whatever your offer in tourism, we are here to translate for travelling and tourism from English into Ukrainian and Russian.

Our rates for Travelling and Tourism Translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian:

0.08 USD per source word of any document

0.07 USDĀ per source word if there are more than 5,000 words to be translated

0.06 USD per source word if there are more than 10,000 words to be translated


The cost for Travelling and Tourism translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian includes the followibg

  1. Free quote and consulting
  2. Dedicated project manager
  3. Translation, editing and proofreading
  4. Final proofreading of a published material


Write us today and get a free quote for English into Russian translation of Travelling and Tourism texts and send us the files needed to translate. Our specialists will make assessment of your files and reply to you within 1-2 business hours with an offer.

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