Yoga Translations into Russian and Ukrainian

Yoga Around the World

Yoga in its different forms has vastly spread around the world and now it is one of the most popular paths to healthy life, fit body and sound mind. Actually, some yoga companies have grown to be global information and training centres, and they translate their courses, training and conference materials, as well as videos into different languages of our world. Moreover, there are also companies that produce yoga mats, blocks, clothes and other helpful materials, devices and things to help people begin and progress in yoga classes, be it Fly Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Beer Yoga or Kundalini. Many of them may need our Russian and Ukrainian Yoga Translations.

The Catalex-Translations Team Translates Yoga Content

Our team is happy to provide yoga content translations to those who are interested in having their English source in Russian and Ukrainian languages and who want to have their goods presented in Russian or Ukrainian markets. Moreover, our company is ready to provide interpreters for the meetings, conferences or classes dedicated to this activity. Finally, Catalex-Translations our certified professionals can translate from English into Russian yoga webinars, courses, books, articles, websites and any yoga information.

Indeed, who else could translate the material best if not the translators who love yoga? In fact, our core team members, namely, Kateryna and Svitlana are fond of yoga practice and these two ladies will be happy to do English-Russian and English-Ukrainian yoga translation, localization or transcreation for you, your company or your clients.

Nutrition and Diets translations

Besides yoga translations into Russian and Ukrainian our specialists also obtained considerable experience translating materials in Nutrition, Diets and Healthy Eating.


Our rates for Yoga and Fitness Translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian:

0.08 USD per source word of any document

0.07 USD per source word if there are more than 5,000 words for translation

0.06 USD per source word if there are more than 10,000 words for translation


The cost for Yoga and Fitness translations from English into Russian or Ukrainian includes the following

  1. Free quote and consulting
  2. Dedicated project manager
  3. Translation, editing and proofreading
  4. Final proofreading of a published material


Write us today and get a free quote for English into Russian translation of Yoga and Fitness texts or videos and send us the files needed to be translated. Subsequently, our specialists will make assessment of your files and reply to you within 1-2 business hours with an offer.

Write us the password “FREE TRANSLATION-500 ” in the commentary and you’ll get the Yoga and Fitness Translations of the first 500 words from English into Russian or Ukrainian for free (if the volume of your original English text for translation is more than 2500 words).


Our translators are experts in English-Russian and English-Ukrainian Translations the following domains:


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